​​​Fair trade organic coffee roasted on the coast of Maine

Moses Dyer Coffee Roasters

  • Country of Origin: Ethiopia
  • Location: Southwestern Sidamo, Ethiopia
  • Farming Cooperative: OROMIA
  • Altitude: 1,500 - 2,000 meters (4,900 - 6,600 ft)
  • Varieties: Indigenious heirloom
  • Process: Natural Drying Dried on raised beds
  • Harvest: September - December
  • Export: Year round 

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​​​Ethiopia Sidamo Oromia

Medium Roast

Fair Trade Organic Coffee 

This extraordinary Ethiopian coffee is grown in the Sidamo Region by the OROMIA cooperative.  It has notes of milk chocolate and orange with a clean, sweet finish.  This is a very well balanced coffee with complementary amounts of body, flavor and acidity.